Coffee Bike
Coffee Bike
Opportunity details
Type Franchise
Cash Required $20,000
Total Investment $37,000
Total Units (Canada)
Total Units (Ontario)
Year Founded 2017

Coffee Bike

Coffee Bike

Ready to have some fun in life? Want to make some money in the booming coffee industry? Coffee Bike is a fully-equipped functional coffee shop on-the-go!

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We have flawlessly combined Canadians' love for coffee and their desire to maintain a green and healthy environment in our zero gas emissions, fully equipped mobile coffee unit. Coffee Bike is not only an affordable investment—can be less than 37K for an overall initial investment—but we are fun to operate and a business you can feel good about owning!

Operate a fully equipped coffee shop with baked goods all at a fraction of the cost of a traditional brick and mortar coffee shop. Operate from anywhere with low overhead, little competition, and flexible scheduling.

How We Started

Coffee Bike was founded by Vladislav Priadko and is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia with the mission to bring delicious coffee and baked goods to the people of Canada all packaged in a smaller footprint and eco-consciousness never before seen in the industry.

We were originally formed in 2017. As our popularity and success grew over the past couple of years, we became a full-time business and flourished into four locations throughout Vancouver.

Our business gained local popularity, ultimately leading us to our next adventure: franchising.

Our entire concept is designed to meet our customers where they are—weddings, birthdays, anniversaries—anywhere that needs coffee, we can be there. Since we are 100% mobile, location never limits us.

We are beyond excited to reach the far corners of the country through our franchise expansion. Join us in bringing the eco-friendly Coffee Bike concept to every street, every where.


Why Should You Choose Coffee Bike as Your Business?

Strong Profit Potential: Coffee Bike is structured for profitability! With no brick and mortar location to maintain, there’s no expensive rent or utilities. Profit margins are high, cost to entry is low, traffic is steady, and food waste is low. All in all, Coffee Bike is affordable with potential to see a return on your investment quickly.

Mobility: We can go where other businesses can’t—sidewalks, beaches, piers, parks—the concept teems with possibilities! As your business launches, you can adjust your location to what works best for the market and continue to strategize location choices based on season, weather, or local happenings.

Feel Good Fun: It may go without saying, but coffee is fun. You are the person serving a customer their favorite must-have beverage or their first sip of caffeine for the day. But it gets better. Being an eco-friendly brand means being good to the Earth with zero gas emissions.

Meet new people and have a chance to be a part of fun events too, such as weddings, birthday parties, and more!

Flexibility: Being your own boss equates to newfound flexibility in life. Work a schedule that makes sense for you. Flex to a location that fits your lifestyle. Be outdoors more often. Coffee Bike is an ideal way to own a business while still maintaining your quality of life!


What to Expect from Us

  • A Top Quality Coffee Bike Unit
  • Established Vendor Relationships
  • Negotiated Pricing Discounts
  • Comprehensive Ops Manual
  • Efficient Operational Processes
  • Strong Brand Power
  • Ongoing Research and Development
  • Eye Catching Marketing
  • Initial Accounting Guidance
  • Franchise Support Team/Full Training Program
  • Proven Business Model
  • Exclusive Territory

What We Expect From Our Franchisees

  • Dedicated to Maintaining Our Brand’s Reputation
  • Applicable Skill Set to Make Great Coffee
  • Accepting of a Mobile Lifestyle & the Physical Demands
  • Exudes High Personal Standards
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Strong Sales and Marketing Skills
  • Meets Financial Requirements

Our Support

Our franchisees gain support in all areas pertinent to operating a successful Coffee Bike franchise!

Ongoing support includes—but is not limited to—administrative support, advertising and marketing guidance, pricing guidelines, refresher training, accessible field support, and more!

Are you ready to be everyone’s favorite person?
Serve coffee. Be green. Go mobile. Coffee Bike wants you!