Opportunity details
Type Business opportunity
Cash RequiredThe cash required is the amount of cash you have available or that you can access without referring to a traditional loan (family loans, stock, retirement plans, etc).
Total InvestmentThe total investment is the total expected spending amount to start their business. This includes the franchise fee and other spending fees such as real estate, staffing, and supplies.
$10 000 à $50 000
Total Units (Canada)
Total Units (Ontario) 17
Year Founded 1985



MIRACLE-TUB is one of the first CANADIAN company manufacturing and distributing bathtub liners and tub surrounds.

MIRACLE-TUB has been installing bathtubs and tub surrounds since 1985, when the company was founded. We have installed thousands of bathtub liners and tub surrounds in private homes, hotels, motels, apartment buildings, hospitals, retirement homes etc.

MIRACLE-TUB is a custom-made acrylic tub Liner that fits over your existing bathtub. It comes with an ANTI-SKID bottom and allows you to transform a steel or cast iron bathtub into a modern acrylic tub. It does not stain, tarnish, rust or chip.

MIRACLE-TUB is installed in about two hours and usable within 24 hours. No need to break walls to get the old tub out, and no plumbing nor removal of ceramics is required. It’s a clean and quick solution.

MIRACLE-TUB also offers a one piece tub surround that spans from bathtub to ceiling. It is made of the same quality acrylic as our tub liners. It can also be installed in about two hours and is usable within 24 hours.

In just a single day, MIRACLE-TUB can replace the existing bathtub with a shower base that transforms the existing tub area into a large and easy to access shower.

MIRACLE-TUB and its dealers have installed thousands of acrylic bathtub liners over old bathtub in private homes, hotels, motels and apartment buildings. Our representatives are proud to be part of an innovative enterprise in constant evolution. We specialize in restoration of old bathtubs and tub surrounds using high quality acrylic and personalized customer service.

When you decide to join MIRACLE-TUB as a dealer, you will be provided the following:

  • Promotional material assistance: logo, pamphlets, ads, yellow-page
  • Complete training for the installation of MIRACLE-TUB products
  • Support and knowledge sharing to start or expand your business
  • Continuous support by visit, phone, E-Mail, etc. to the dealers
  • No franchise, royalties, dealership or any other fees
  • You pay for the materiel received
  • Reasonable initial investment for startup cost, marketing and equipment

Who we're looking for

You could be the right fit for this opportunity if you:

  • have strong business acumen and financial insight
  • possess a high level of personal integrity
  • display self-motivation, trustworthiness and adaptability
  • are capable of managing multiple and changing priorities
  • are a strong leader who can empower and motivate your team to drive results, while cultivating a high level of accountability
  • willing to commit your full time to this business opportunity
  • comfortable with common computer programs and E-mail

The dealer is responsible for:

Promoting and selling MIRACLE-TUB products by attending home shows, shopping centers, publicity in local news paper, radio, distributing flyers, mail out etc. Marketing can also be done by phone or meeting potential clients, apartment building owners, hotels, retirement homes and motels managers etc.

Taking measurement to order the material. Identify the type of bathtub and take the tub surround measurement. Verify condition of the wall for any water damage (repair needed), condition of the facet (do they need to be replace), window condition and all other thing that may have an impact on your installation and work area.

Install MIRACLE-TUB products. Organize, plan and schedule the installation.

Market : all types of houses, hotels, motels, apartment buildings, condos, hospitals, retirement homes etc.

Available Products:

Tub liners
Tub with design skirt
Tub surround
Tub surround with ceramic pattern
Caddy corner, simple or double
Soap dish
Corner molding
Ceiling cap
Shower base
Drains and hardware

Service to provide: Plumbing
Wall repair

Transport to the cost of the dealer. We at Miracle-Tub use a well know Transport company with competitive shipping rate.

Shipment within 5 to 10 working days after we receive the order.

Invoice payable in 30 calendar days