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Opportunity details
Type Business opportunity
Cash Required $30,000
Total Investment $40,000
Total Units (Worldwide)
Total Units (Ontario) 49
Total Units (Quebec)
Year Founded 1994



Looking to start your own business OR add on to an existing automotive business, Crackmasters is the perfect opportunity for you! Our onboarding program ensures you are 100% ready to embark on a successful journey in the automotive industry. With comprehensive training, cutting-edge technology, and ongoing support, we equip you to excel in all aspects of your business and achieve unparalleled growth. From mastering windshield repair and replacement techniques to honing your marketing and customer service skills, our program empowers you to deliver exceptional results and build a loyal customer base. Get started with Crackmasters today and be confident that you are fully prepared to take your automotive business to new heights.



CRCAKMASTERS Business Benefits
  • Low Investment High Return: With low entry barriers and high margins, Crackmasters is an unmatched opportunity. Replacement margins average 60% and repairs 90%!
  • Low inventory: Our glass suppliers offer same day delivery meaning no backstock for glass!
  • Essential Service: Automotive glass is important for structural integrity, our services offer solutions to keep drivers safe!
  • Exclusive Territory: Dealers are set up with an exclusive area to protect against competition.
  • Great Reputation: With nearly 30 years in the industry, Crackmasters had proven to be the go to place for all auto glass needs.
  • Quality Products: Our three glass suppliers offer quality products for all vehicles, and with other suppliers for hundreds of other products we ensure quality is always a priority.
  • 0 Royalties: Crackmaster dealers do not pay sales or advertising royalties.
CRACKMASTER Support Benefits
  • Training: We provide both hands on and class room training to ensure our dealers are confident and ready to operate before they start up.
  • Marketing Support: We provide marketing for brand awareness and bring leads to your business. You also gain access to marketing support, resources,  and consulting to ensure customers chose you for their auto glass needs.
  • Consistent Support: Our team at head office is always available to answer questions, provide additional training, or give resources to ensure your success.
  • Preferred Pricing: Our dealers get access to almost all tools, equipment, and products needed in day to day business. We provide our dealers with below market pricing to minimize overhead and increase profits!
Market & Profit Potential (Match format of Support and Business Benefits)
  • There are over 16 million cars, vans and light trucks in Canada.
  • Approximately 50% or 8 million of these vehicles have stone chips or cracks in their windshields.
  • Converted to a dollar value, there is over $500,000,000 in repair business available (provided average repair is $45.00 which is modest).
  • There are currently over 2 million windshields replaced in Canada annually at an average cost of $300.00. This equates to a $600 million industry or in total over a billion dollar industry.
  • Focus on Safety: Windshield integrity is crucial for driver and passenger safety. Crackmasters' services play a vital role in ensuring that damaged windshields are promptly repaired or replaced, maintaining the safety standards of vehicles on the road.
  • Upselling and Additional Services: While Crackmasters specializes in windshield repair and replacement, there are opportunities for upselling and offering additional services. This includes services such as glass coatings, detail products, and other automotive cosmetic enhancements. By expanding the range of services, Crackmasters can increase revenue streams and profitability.

Unlock your entrepreneurial potential as a Crackmasters dealer. Join a trusted brand, tap into a lucrative market, and make your mark in the automotive industry. With proven systems and unwavering support, success is within reach. Start your journey today!