Fitness 1440
Fitness 1440
Opportunity details
Type Franchise
Cash Required $150,000
Total Investment $150,000 to $837,000
Total Units (Worldwide) 53
Total Units (Canada) 2
Year Founded 2009

Fitness 1440

Fitness 1440

The Fitness 1440 gym franchise provides high quality personal training, fitness classes, and modern equipment to help its members achieve their fitness goals.

About Fitness 1440

Founded in 2009 with the philosophy that each day is made of a perfectly matched set of 1,440 minutes of opportunities, choices, and attitudes, Fitness 1440 has developed into one of the most unique fitness club concepts in the country, promoting total well being of the mind, body, and spirit.

Our proprietary trademarked "Fit Number" system provides biofeedback to each member based on real-time heart data displayed throughout the club on interactive screens. This drives results by providing the most efficient workout each and every time and freeing our members from the traditional approach of mindless hours on the treadmill.

Each Fitness 1440 club is also designed to be a part of the neighborhood it serves – adding a unique aspect of “giving back” that most fitness clubs do not provide. Through our charitable relationship with "Sweat Angels", members can partner with our company via social media, while in our clubs, to create positive changes in their communities.

With our business model, franchise buyers are able to open equivalent-sized clubs for a fraction of the cost of some of the leading national brands and, with our customized approach, you can create a club that matches your vision and the specific needs of your community – all while maintaining our core values and brand integrity.

Club Specs

Fitness 1440 clubs typically range between 5,000 -15,000 square feet. The club size is determined by your particular marketplace. Our system is intended to optimize efficiency in every aspect of the club’s operation.

Fitness 1440 clubs have a wide variety of amenities including, functional training area, group fitness, full locker rooms, free weights, cardio area, Zen studio and more! This allows our owners to offer many options, giving them competitive advantage.

Benefits of owning a Fitness 1440 franchise

  • Extensive ongoing training.
  • An innovative brand and unmatched business model.
  • A protected territory.
  • Site selection assistance, including a comprehensive examination of demographics and aid with your lease negotiation.
  • Club design specific to the location you choose. This also includes assistance with equipment selection.
  • Clubs are designed to make you more revenue with less effort.
  • Our software automates many aspects of the operation, giving you the freedom to live your life!
  • Our clubs operate on 40 to 50% less payroll than a "classic" club.
  • Access to our HRT™ and Fit Number™ programs launching you ahead of the competition.

Build a business that changes lives

If you share our passion for fitness and desire to help people change their lives and if you're seeking a business system that is affordable, offers key competitive advantages, and can be designed and scaled around your individual goals and needs, then contact Fitness 1440 today by filling out the information form, and see just how we go about making every minute count.